Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's SPRING INTO ACTION at E-Klectics March 20 -- April 19

Hi Everyone!

Hope you're having a wonderful first day of Spring! Change has been in the air recently, and there's a reason. A new season is upon us. The winter doldrums are past. It's time for the earth (and its inhabitants) to begin anew. For writers, this time of the year heralds a new beginning as well. It's time to focus, get out of that wintry rut, and start some feel good, look good, and write darned good routines.

Today is the first OFFICIAL day of SPRING INTO ACTION here at E-Klectics, which will run continuously for the next thirty days.

Here's the dealio: Do *at least 3 of the following five, each day.

Then, pop in once a day to comment on your progress.

At the end of the thirty days, I'll toss the names of everone who's commented in a bowl and draw 5 winners for my e-books. Contemp, western, erotic, etc. I'll let the winner pick their favorite category.

It's that simple.

Just commit to at least 3 per day of the following:

* Write, revise, edit, or proofread, 5 sentences, lines, paragraphs, pages per day on your new work or work in progress. Come on. It's easy. You pick one.

* 5 minutes of power exercise, either walking, jogging or dancing in place, isometric exercises at your desk, jumping jacks, push-ups, or whatever gets your blood pumping. Just five minutes is all that's needed, although you might want to do more.

* 5 servings of fresh fruits and/or vegetables daily. Me, personally--I don't like fruit because it's so sweet, but I love veggies! So....five servings. Cucumbers. Salads. Carrots. Radishes. Baby Spinach. Cauliflower. Green beans. Celery sticks. Tomatoes. Apples. Bananas. Grapes. Berries. Melon. (Please avoid potatoes and corn as potatoes are a starch (bread substitute) and corn is a grain). Yep, you heard it here. Corn is NOT a vegetable.

* 5 minutes of prayer or meditation -- whatever makes you happy. Just five little old minutes of quiet reflection.

* 5 minutes of journaling about how great you are. Yes, this is the time to get stuck on yourself. What do you like about yourself? What makes you unique? Special. Great! Write a love letter to yourself. Write a letter to yourself at a younger age. An older age. Don't hold back. Talk yourself up in your journal. Don't you know that you have to have a great relationship with yourself, first, in order to have good relations with other people? We often treat others kinder than ourselves. Now is the time to be kind to YOU.

That's it, kiddies. Just choose a minimum of 3 of the 5 and get started...



  1. I'll be back later to post my progress.

    I hope you all have a great first day of SPRING.


  2. Yep, this is so perfect. I think you have hit the nail on the head. I came home yesterday feeling blue because I'm behind in everything. Writing, projects, everything. It seems I take a few steps forward a

  3. The first day of Spring snuck up on me! I'm blaming jet lag. Earlier today, I thought next month is MAY. Argh!!! Anyhow, I've chosen my three "commitments" and might even try for a fourth to REALLY spring into action!

  4. Iona, I'm feeling the same way--overwhelmed because there's so many unfinished projects and upcoming committments.

    I made a list of what I *might be able to tackle today.

    On the front burner I am preparing tomorrow night's class.

    After that, I need to update the information in some handouts for an upcoming workshop.

    My characters were talking tome this morning when I woke up so I jotted down some notes and will get back to incorporating this material soon.

    I have other projects I want to finish but it seems time escapes me. Thank you for stopping in to comment and do keep coming back.

  5. Oh, that's very good, Nancy! I'll probably lag behind with only 3. Maybe 2. Yesterday began with good intentions but went downhill fast. It seemed the day flew by.

    I'm committed to doing the 5 veggies today. Have the broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, lettuce and maybe some green beans. I'm getting back on my ovo-lacto vegetarian diet as of today. Also, the proofing (page proofs for a book are on my desk) and maybe some meditation under the pecan tree with all the wind chimes.

  6. ' far so good. Got the 5 veggies in. Got the 5 minutes of reflection in (actually, I was reflecting when I hung the new wind chimes--3 of them). I love wind chimes and anything shiiiiiii-neeeeee. Can you tell I have a short attention span?

    Will get to the page proofs later....

    Have been so distracted today. Anyone else feel like you're on a cloud?

  7. Sounds fantastic and I am in, i already wrote one article for the examiner this moring, mowed my beast of a lawn (thats a heck of a workout let me tell you) now I just have to get a third one going and I will be gold!

  8. Hey Wild Willa! We still gotta get together. I'm teaching classes for the next 5 Tuesdays so maybe then I can join you at the crochet club.

    Send me a link to your article at the Examiner! I want to read it.

    It's okay if you only make 2. The point is to get moving.

    I'm so glad you commented.

  9. Willa,

    I'm winded by just reading about all your activities!

  10. I'm sorry to say that I didn't get much done. Got the 5 veggies in. Critiqued some author's manuscripts (I'm counting that as "5"). So....2 out of 5 today folks. Now I'm off to work tonight. See you tomorrow! Have a lovely evening!

  11. Well, I had a great class last night at COM. Very talented writing students. For today's SPRING INTO ACTION (March 24) I'm going to get my critique partners'manuscripts finished, start my page proofs for my novel, review my students work, prepare a couple of healthy vegan dishes OTHER than salad, LOL! Spend some time under the pecan tree untangling my new wind chimes (the froggy and butterfly have taken a shine to one another). It was just super windy yesterday and they're a mess. Don't know if I'll get the meditation in. Kiddo is home sick with fever.

    Will be back later to post my progress.

  12. Today, March 24 (I was off by one day yesterday), I am doing page proofs of my novel. I will be lucky if I get in anything else!