Monday, November 1, 2010

CAP-a-thon is HERE! What is your writing goal for today?

The day you've been waiting for has arrived. CAP-a-thon has officially arrived. Dust off those unfinished works in progress or finished works that need editing (yes, editing counts!), put on your writers CAP and join ME and your FELLOW WRITERS here during the entire month of November as we complete all projects (or as many as we reasonably can).

Today I've set a goal of ten pages. I might not finish all ten pages but I'll work as far as I can get.

Tomorrow it might be different, because I HOPE to have this project finished. If not, I'll begin again before I go to work and get as much accomplished.

What is YOUR goal for today? 2 pages? 5 pages? 100 pages? :-) Doing research? Fresh writing? Edits? Marketing?

Check back and post your progress. If you get stuck, ask for some cheerleaders to get you back on track!

Hope to see everyone here today!

Kimberly Ivey


  1. Goal for Monday: 10 total pages (2 are rewrites).

  2. Great to see you here, Donna! Ten pages. That's great! I only hope I can get that much accomplished this morning. Will try though. Have a wonderful writing day.

  3. Here's my progress thus far. This morning I revised and seriously edited in record time a 5 page manuscript format and cover letter handout for my students. Afterward I treated myself to a fun lunch--fresh avocado (yup, the whole thing) sprinkled with sea salt and I enjoyed a glass of chardonnay al fresco.

    Now, the edited handout isn't exactly a manuscript and the wine and avocados have absolutely nothing to do with writing (or do they?), so I MUST set a good example now and get started with a WIP.

    Be back later with an update.

  4. hi im getting in on this cap thing almost late but that means im almost on time right? IS there an in person element to this or just work on our own?

  5. I was a bad writer last night and had the football game on as I typed away on my laptop. I only made it to 585 words through all of the yelling at the TV ;-P

  6. You're not too late, Willa. There's no "in-person" thing to this yet but in December we might have gathering in the Houston area to celebrate our progress.

    It's work-at-your-own-pace, post word counts, page counts, your goals, etc.

    I'm hoping to keep everyone motivated and writing, writing, writing.

    So glad to see you here. I rarely ever get to see you in person anymore.

  7. Don't feel bad, Missy. I have fibromyalgia and arthritis and the weather just kicked me on my can last night. Woke up with a monster head/ear ache but I'm determined to get some stuff done. Maybe 3 pages this morning?

    Still, your 585 words is great! It's progress! Yay!

  8. I tried to post yesterday, but blogger stuck it's tongue out at me. LOL

    So we're keeping track of all of it on this post? I can't do that. :)I can even talk and walk at the same. hahahah!!

    I have one I need to finish and another right behind it. I don't usually manage a lot while the man is home on his days off, but he goes back tomorrow. Yay! LOL

  9. I'll try to make a new post here every morning so that folks can post on the daily one. It would be wayyyy too long and confusing otherwise. :-)