Tuesday, November 2, 2010

CAP-a-thon is FENG SHUI for the brain.

I had a revelation this morning. Or maybe it was a hallucination. Who knows at this point. I have an earache so I'm cranky.

However, what came to me this morning as I was cleaning the crumb tray on the toaster(hey, I live the glamorous life of a writer) is that CAP-a-thon is kind of like FENG SHUI for the brain. THink about it. All of us who are participating in my FIRST ANNUAL CAP-a-thon FOR WRITERS are clearing out the clutter, getting projects wrapped up and put in their place. Getting organized. Making room for the "good chi" to circulate.

So....wouldn't CAP-athon-work the same as feng shui? Clear out the old energy that is stagnating in the corners of our minds (or on the desk) and making way for new "fresh" energy?

At least this is what I'm hoping.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a FAB writing day. Write, write, write. Edit, edit, edit. Polish, polish, polish.

And be sure to post your progress here for all to see. Let's keep each other motivated!


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