Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Welcome All Writing Genres to CAP -- "Complete All Projects"

I'd like to welcome all writing genres to CAP, or simply "Complete All Projects" (or as many as you can) during the month of November.

I'll be kicking things off Monday, November 1st, right here. All genres of writers are welcome. Dust off those unfinished manuscripts and get ready to complete them.

You can post daily or weekly, letting us know how far along you've gotten on your work. This isn't a contest, but a motivational experiment. Can we finish those nagging projects in 30 days (or less)?

We can at least try.

As for me, I have one children's book that needs to be edited so I can get it off to my critique partners. I also have some poetry that needs to find a publishing "home." I'm also working on a novel which is about 2/3 finished. Can I do it all in 30 days? I'm not sure, but I'm willing to try.

So won't you join me here and let's commiserate and congratulate.

Let's Complete All Projects...or at least as many as we can!

Kimberly Ivey

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