Thursday, October 28, 2010

Countdown To The First Annual CAP-a-thon! Begins November 1st

Countdown to the First Annual CAP-a-thon, hosted by YOURS TRULY... begins here on my blog for the entire month of November 2010.

Come and join writers of all genres. I'll be posting short articles here on the craft of writing, market listings, organizational tips for writers, how to build a portfolio and more!

Commiserate and congratulate your fellow writers. Everyone is welcome to post about their progress.

Step 1 -- Prepare for C.A.P. "Complete All Projects" (or as many as you can)

Tips to help you prepare:

--A few days before hand, prepare your writing station: pens, tablets, sticky notes, binder clips, files, CD's, etc.
--Gather all folders and/or CD's with the documents you'd like to finish. Remember, you have 30 days.
--Make certain to put any reference materials within arm's length of your writing station. No need to have to get up to search for material when you're writing. Get all that squared away beforehand.
--List in order the projects you'd LIKE to complete during November.

For example, I've set a goal of doing final revisions on two children's books, finishing the outline of a non-fiction children's book, writing a standard query letter, locating at least a dozen agents who represent children's literature and writing at least 15,000 words on my young adult novel.

Here's a tentative breakdown into workable bites:

-- Day one: spend at least two hours (more if necessary) inputting the entire draft of children's book number 2 into a document.
--Day two: spend at least two hours researching up to 12 literary agents and writing the outline for a query and cover letter.
--Day three: outline the non-fiction children's book and gather quotes from people on my list.
--While I'm waiting for my critique partners to finish with my 1st children's book, on day four I'll start on my unfinished YA novel: a minimum of 2 - 3 pages per day.

Later on, I'll deliver children's book number 2 to said critique group, and begin revisions on book one when the manuscript comes back.

Since I also work outside the home and have a busy family and social life, I've made a reasonable committment of writing at least two hours a day to reach these goals. I'll squeeze in more if I can (and I probably will) but at least by committing to a set routine, I'll feel that I'm making head way. And I will!

CAP participants should figure out a reasonable daily writing schedule, too. For example: if you need 20,000 words to finish your novel, aim for an average of 3 full pages of double spaced text per day, minimum. By breaking the task down into digestible bites, the work ahead will be less daunting.

If you only have one hour a day --lunch and coffee breaks at work--then stick to it. It's only 30 days of committment and just think what you will have accomplished by the end of November? Who knows, maybe while you're finishing up those incomplete projects, you'll get an idea for fabulous new ones along the way.

Sooooooo.....everyone, start gearing up. Gather those unfinished works. Set up your work station beforehand. Tell your family that they're eating TV dinners and crock pot meals and take out for the month. Give up an hour of TV a day (I'd suggest chucking the news).

Stick to your writing committment and post here about your progress as often as you'd like.

I'll be back tomorrow with more!

Kimberly Ivey

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