Thursday, July 8, 2010

SECOND TIME AROUND receives a 5 Star Review from RT!

Book Review from Romantic Times


by Various Authors

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Anthology, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

RT Rating   5 Stars

A wonderful romp. These authors hit the nail on the head in their forays into the mysterious realms where people go bump in the night. This anthology has four pure gems and two well-done tales.

Karen Michelle Nutt enthralls with a married couple who must complete a paranormal investigation aboard The Queen Mary in “The Spirit of Love.” Erin E.M. Hatton introduces Tess, a nursing home worker who inherits a house with “The Garden Swing” — a magic swing that allows her to travel through time.

Gerri Bowen’s “Only and Always You” has an ice-cold Regency viscount melting when a lady from his past reappears. Cynthia Breeding’s divorcĂ©e heroine deals with her ex in “Winds of Destiny”; she needs to close a real estate deal, and he needs a shot at redemption.

In Kirsten Scott’s “Lizzie’s Laces,” the captain reappears to take Lizzie across the ocean to her sick father, and romance blooms again.

Kimberly Ivey Wuttke’s humorous “Special of the Day” has grudge-holding college sweethearts running competing restaurants. (HIGHLAND PRESS, Oct. 2009, 208 pp., $9.49)

Reviewed By: Amy Lignor

Published: October 2009

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