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Cozy Up With This Heartwarming Christmas Story -- Only $2.00 at Coffee Time Romance Book Store

It's classic. It's timeless. It's sweet and romantic and perfect for a chily winter's night read.

The Gift of of my favorite stories. Please read the blurb, the review, and the excerpt below. Enjoy!

The Gift of You
by Kimberly Ivey

Genre: Vintage Romance (1974)

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The Gift of You
Author(s): Kimberly Ivey

The heart-warming Christmas time tale of Liliana Brooks and Jake Delatorre. Abused in life after having a child out of wedlock in the 1970s, Liliana quits her job when her groping boss makes yet more unwanted and lewd advances. Jake Delatorre is her reluctant rescuer from the evils encountered by a single woman out alone. Will CHRISTMAS WISHES come true for Liliana and Jake?


"The Gift of You" captures the heart of the Christmas spirit. Liliana's devotion to her son, Nicky, shines through as a beacon of hope and provides a startling contrast to the negative attitude of others towards Liliana. This beautifully crafted tale of love against all odds is certain to charm readers during any season.


Jake watched as Liliana cut a bite of the meatloaf. "A young man came into the diner a few days ago and asked for you."

"Oh? Who was it?"

He fished the note from his shirt pocket and placed it on the table before her. "It was Doug McMasters, Liliana. He wants you to call him."

She dropped her fork and it clattered onto her plate. With trembling fingers she took the slip of paper. "That's—"

"Nicky's father," he finished.

She stared at the note. "How did he find me?"

Jake leaned back in his chair and ran his fingers through his hair. "I didn't ask. I assume your parents told him you were living and working here."

Her eyes lifted to his. "Why would he come back now? He didn't want anything to do with Nicky—or me. I haven't heard from him in over two years."

Although he'd lost his appetite, Jake scooted forward and served his plate. He had a pretty good idea of why McMasters had come sniffing around. The no good shit probably wanted to patch things up with Liliana—thought he'd say those sweet seductive words he'd once used to get her into bed. What better time than Christmas to make amends—and take advantage of an innocent young woman a second time.

He stuffed a forkful of meatloaf into his mouth and chewed vigorously, not tasting it at all. The thought of Doug McMasters —of any man—touching Liliana made him want to punch something. McMasters didn't deserve her. He certainly didn't deserve little Nicky.

Liliana stared. "Wait. You said Doug gave you the note days ago? Why didn't you tell me then?"

Angry, Jake swallowed his food, almost choking on it. Sputtering, he reached for his napkin and wiped his mouth. He would have said he forgot, but that was a lie and he damned well knew it. He hadn'twanted to tell her. She and Nicky were doing well now. Besides, what right did some punk have to waltz back into her life and disrupt it?

In the few short weeks she'd lived in the spare apartment, he'd watch Liliana bloom. Gone was the shy young woman whose spirit had once been shattered. She laughed and told him of her dreams for the future—a future he secretly hoped one day might include him. At least he'd been counting on it when he picked out her ring.

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