Friday, November 19, 2010

Week 3 of CAP-athon! Post Your Progress This Week's Saturday, week three! How has CAP-athon been working for you? Did you start out with the best of intentions, only to be sidelined by "real life?" As they say, ahem..."it" happens. Trust me. I know this very well. will endure. Keep on writing. Don't give up. Make a conscious effort to finish those projects--all of them or a few.

Remember to post your writing news, sales, word or page counts, etc, this week. Let's continue to keep each other inspired.

Thank you for participating in CAP-athon and I hope you have a fantastic writing week ahead!

Kimberly Ivey


  1. Grrrrr....don't you just hate it when you try to post a comment and it doesn't show up?

    Okay. This week had what I consider a major breakthough. I've been at a stand still on a YA novel for a few months. I figured out what it needed and made the changes. Now I'm back into it in a big way.

    I'm also revising a cover letter to accompany another digital manuscript (romance, not YA) and will be sending out to a publisher after the Turkey Day festivities.

    Let's keep each other inspired. Post your word or page counts. Let everyone know your progress.

  2. Finished the WIP last night 64.4K. Whew! LOL

    Now onward. More to do.

    Glad the YA is finally talking for you Kimberly. This next week is going to be very challenging with the child home all week. We'll see how well it goes.

  3. Thanks for stopping by today, Diana. I know what you mean about this coming week being a challenge.

    I'll probably have to write pre-dawn and evening hours, but I don't want to lose the new momentum I have going with the book. I think it would be wonderful to finally have this baby finished.

    Glad to hear you finished your WIP! Congratulations.

  4. Great work, Kimberly! And Diana, congrats on finishing the YA!

    I've been dealing with legal issues/massive stress with my ex-husband the past few days, so I haven't really done anything since the last time I posted. I think I'd mentioned that I finished the revise/resubmit on the contemporary novella, so that's with my publisher now. Other than that, I pecked out a few words on the MFM revise/resubmit, and that's all I've done since Wednesday.

    I received edits from the publisher on the third book in my YA series Reality Shift (the book's scheduled for release in March), and she wants those back by next weekend, so I need to get plugging on them and make more progress on the MFM.

  5. Karenna...sorry to hear about the stressors. Sadly, there really isn't much we can do at times except to soldier on and know that better days await. Take care of yourself and take time to de-stress as often as possible.

    It sounds like you're very productive and busy with all those pots in the fire. Keep up the great work! And thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to post here. :-)

  6. Well...somtime today between 4 kids and cleaning and errands, I will try to sketch out the scene I need for my YA. I've been putting it off because I've never been to the place I'm writing about. I've researched on the internet and have sites bookmarked with photographs so I'm going to wing it. Always before, I've at least visited or spent time in the places I write about--California, New Mexico, Arizona, parts of Texas, etc. Now I'm in Europe! Not planning to board any planes soon because I don't relish the idea of getting felt up by a stranger or having my black and white boudoir picture taken under duress. Sorry folks....but Kimberly doesn't play that game. You touchie my junk, I breakie your face.

  7. Ok. I had a brainwave/breakthough while driving today. Had to pull over and jot down the notes. I'm going to put my protag through hell and I know just how to do it. THIS is one of the things that's been missing in the WIP.

    Can't wait to get started. This is the shot in the arm this baby needed for a long time!

  8. Love those epiphany moments. Glad it's working for you!

    Since the WIP I need to be working on isn't talking, and characters from the WIP I just finished are.... I'm cheating and starting a new WIP. :D 4170 today so far.

    Like the changes to the blog too. :)

  9. Sounds like a plan, Diana!

    I can't see any changes, really. I did try a new background color but it didn't really work for me. So I'm seeing the same old one.

  10. Yeah, when I came in this morning, it was the same. I think it was blogger playing. It looked like the blog had changed to a three column with covers on the left. :)

    Anywhoooo... LOL

    Good final for yesterday 6600. Some today. Couple things to do, though. :)

  11. Diana, I wish I had your momentum!

    Since this week is "holiday week" and the kiddies are out of school, I doubt I'll get much of an actual word count finished. However, I woke up again this morning dreaming of my book and a scene or two that's needed, so I'm taking that as a good sign. Taking lots of notes and tinkering with the manuscript (now at 70,000 words) as much as possible.

  12. Woohoooo!! Tinkering is good!!

    I write kind of how I read, one step at a time, until I get to the end. Some stories are like running water, others, like a clogged drain. LOL But it keeps me out of trouble and spending the man's money. LOL

  13. I finished the edits on the YA novel on Wednesday; the editor and I did the second pass on Thanksgiving. So now that's ready for the line editor, and I might have a cover mock-up from the artist by the end of this weekend.

    Haven't done much with the MFM, other than a couple paragraphs, because I just can't wrap my brain around it.