Friday, October 29, 2010

Count Down To The 1st ANNUAL NOVEMBER CAP-a-thon

Have you been sorting through those unfinished manuscripts? Getting your work station ready? Making a list of which projects you'd like to finish during the month of November?

Get ready for Monday, November 1st, when we kick off the First Annual November CAP-a-thon ("complete all projects") right here on my blog.

Post your progress. Encourage your fellow writers. Let's keep each other inspired and motivated. All genres. Published or unpublished welcome.

I'll be posting more before CAP-a-thon commences, and will also be posting more of my articles on writing and marketing as we get into the month of November.

Please check out my previous post (below) about Point of View.

Take care and have a FAB FRIDAY!

Kimberly Ivey

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